"Can you hear me? Listen. A dead man visits you."

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A site dedicated to the first film, though it has info on the entire series. It looks superb, with a great layout designed for viewers with smaller monitors. It also contains some image galleries including galleries for fan-art, wallapers, and forum/LJ avatars. The Attic contains a wealth of info and features.


Welcome to my CROW website! The Title, for those who don't know, is a quote from the original CROW comics by J O'Barr. The CROW was released in 1994, a film with a history as troubled and violent as its subject matter. Several accidents and incidents had occurred during its filming, and all this came to a head with the untimely death of actor Brandon Lee. Despite the difficulty involved, the film was completed and released, and made an instant impact. Gothic, gritty, and emotional, the film has become something of a modern classic, and over the years it has spawned a trio of sequels.

Here you can find links to other CROW sites, info and opinions about both films and the original comics, various images from the films, and an award for what I feel are the best CROW pages out there. So please keep coming back, and hopefully something new will await with each visit.

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02/19/2007 - Six new links have been added to the Index. Check the Updates section for more info.

02/18/2007 - "THE CROW - The film in words and pictures" has now been added. Check the Updates section for more info.

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After nearly 3 years offline, this site has been resurrected! And that's not all, as Crowfans.com is coming back, and is combining with A Boy and His Bird News. For the full scoop, surf to the News section.


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